We all know how important it is to look after ourselves during the cold months, so don’t forget to look after your mobility scooter winter care too! The maintenance and storage of your mobility scooter, amongst other things, are all vital to keeping your scooter running as smooth as possible this Christmas.

Winter Care & Maintenance Guide

Keep It Clean and Rust-Free

Who doesn’t love a shiny and clean mobility scooter? Not
only will you look suave and stylish driving around town, but it will prevent
any rust building up on the chrome surfaces. The accumulation of dirt, oil and
salt from the roads can lead to premature rusting and deterioration of the
paintwork, so make sure you wash it after you’ve been out and dry it

Shelter It from the Elements

Just as you may hibernate in the winter in your warm, dry
home, your mobility scooter should be sheltered too. The winter months are
known for being wet and freezing, so you shouldn’t leave your scooter outside;
if you don’t have a garage or a shed to store it, you should make sure it is
covered as much as possible.

Charge Your Batteries

Batteries drain faster in the colder months and do not
perform to their full potential, no matter how new they are, so be aware of
this. Ensure you regularly recharge your battery so it will always have enough
charge for your journeys in the cold weather. Or, if you don’t plan on using it
during winter, charge it fully and disconnect it from your scooter; then,
reconnect and recharge monthly until you use it frequently again.

Remember to Service Your Scooter!

The best time to service your mobility scooter is just
before the winter months or at the start of the season to make sure that it is
safe and reliable to use. If there are any problems, you can iron them out
before you tackle the wintery conditions outside and have peace of mind that
you can get around carefully.

Look After Your Tyres

Check, check and check again – Before and after every
journey, check your tyres for any signs of wear and tear and if they are pumped
up to the correct pressure. You need as much grip as you can during the winter
due to slippery surfaces, so it is vital that you care for your mobility
scooter tyres.

Stay Wild & Wacky This Winter

Wrap up warm so you can still enjoy your mobility scooter
adventures this winter, whilst staying safe. Always wear your high visibility
clothing and ensure your headlights are working properly as the nights will be
drawing in.

If you need any further advice or guidance regarding your mobility scooter, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our Wild & Wacky team members.