We all know that the British weather can be deceiving! We wouldn’t be surprised if you headed out in your mobility scooter one dry, summers day, only to get caught in a sudden downpour. So, what rain protection, mobility scooter accessory do you reach for then?

Rain Canopy for Mobility Scooter

An umbrella wouldn’t do the trick, so why not get yourself a rain canopy? They are one of the most effective mobility scooter accessories for rainy days, as you can be completely enclosed from the outside whilst still being able to get around. But, when you choose a rain canopy for your mobility scooter, make sure you choose the best one!

The Universal Mobility Scooter Canopy

Grab your ticket to all-weather mobility with the Scooterpac Canopy, the world’s first and only universal folding canopy. Have no fear when it comes to battling the elements, you will have all the protection you need. Check out the main innovative features of the Scooterpac Canopy here:


No need to search and wait for a customised canopy, the
Scooterpac Canopy fits 99.9% of mobility scooters on the market! It’s
one-size-fits-all design is compact and lightweight, giving you the ability to
still transport your scooter as you wish, including in the car boot.

Adjustable arms and universal fittings ensure that you still
have the most room on the scooter, without adding to the overall width, and you
can still get around like normal. You’ll barely even notice that it’s there!

Fancy Folding Feature

You’ll definitely notice it when it’s raining though! In
addition to it being light, quick and easy to fit, the Scooterpac Canopy is
also incredibly simple to operate. As soon as it starts to rain, you can easily
unfold and set up your canopy in seconds, sheltering you from the weather.

The ingenious mechanism then allows you to quickly fold the
canopy back up when it is not in use, so you can truly enjoy your independence
when you’re out and about.

Only the Best Quality

Not only is the Scooterpac Canopy rainproof, but it is also
windproof and will keep you nice and toasty. The aluminium construction is
sturdy enough to withstand strong gales but lightweight enough so it doesn’t
weigh down your scooter; it is rust-resistant too!

The waterproof canvas roof will keep the rain out but will
also soak up the sun when the wind is chilly. Topped off with a high clarity
windscreen, the Scooterpac Canopy is constructed with only the best materials.

Rainproof Mobility Scooter

Don’t let the rain stop you from venturing out, spread your wings and enjoy your freedom with the best mobility scooter accessory, now sold by Wild & Wacky – check it out here!