Ever wish your mobility scooter was a bit more, well… fun? Ditto. After all, it’s not all about getting from A to B. When you’re not on the roads, you might want to let loose a little!

Wild and Wacky is all about making life with reduced mobility less serious, so we’ve found a way to bring the va-va-voom to your vehicle. Our Superfast upgrade does exactly what it says on the tin—we take an already impressive scooter and make it run like a rocket!

The upgrade

From our workshop in Lowestoft, Suffolk, our Wacky engineers can upgrade the speed of our Black Viper, Magnus and Cabin Car scooters up to a whopping 12mph!

Doing this requires some expertise—but don’t worry, our engineers are ready to help.

The Superfast process involves upgrading the motor and transaxle. We also reconfigure the wiring and reprogram the electronics, enabling users to select three speed modes (4mph—pavement, 8mph—road and 12mph—offroad/private land) rather than the standard two (4mph/8mph) available on normal scooters.

The Superfast package can be applied to any of the scooters available on the website excluding the Tandem. The prices on the website for both the Black Viper and the Magnus include the Superfast package so it would be an optional extra cost for the Cabin Car.

Our Superfast upgrade can also be applied to a scooter you already own—just check out the testimonial from Barry below!

Not entirely convinced? The Superfast upgrade isn’t just about showing off, you know. The extra torque can also help you climb up those steep hells that might sometimes leave you feeling like you’re about to tip back. Yikes.

Your Wacky engineer won’t make any changes just for the sake of it. What’s the point of a custom Superfast upgrade if it’s not done exactly how you want it? We’ll consult with you throughout the process and explain exactly what we’re doing to make sure you’re completely happy with the end result.


“I love the Superfast upgrade! It’s made so much difference to my Cabin Car. The extra torque is especially noticeable on steep hills. It’s managed them at no less than 8mph, in fact some it even climbs at 12! How many other scooters out there can do that?! The whole experience from first enquiring about the upgrade, placing the order, to the engineer visiting to do the upgrade was completed entirely to my satisfaction. Kevin was great! He explained the whole process, fully checked that I was completely happy with his work and even offered a choice of upgrades, explaining the difference between the two. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Wild & Wacky for their products or service.” Barry, Hinckley


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Please note: The UK government doesn’t currently allow scooters travelling above 8 mph on public highways. Superfast speeds are only for use off-road or on private land, unfortunately. Sorry for being boring; we’d go 100mph if we could!

Stay wild, stay wacky!

Let Wild & Wacky make the scooter of your dreams a reality with our custom mobility scooter services. To make an enquiry, book a demonstration of any of our products, or discuss your customisation options, contact us using our contact form today!

We offer free nationwide delivery, as well as a full demonstration and tutorial by a mobility scooter expert upon arrival. Don’t forget to ask our experts about the Wild & Wacky 0% finance scheme, either!