As we head into the beautiful season of Spring, this means one thing – Spring cleaning! It’s always good to have a good deep cleanse at this time of year, making everything sparkle and shine in the Spring sunshine, and cleaning your mobility scooter shouldn’t be left out of this

Cleaning Your Mobility Scooter

Just a reminder, before you start, make sure that your mobility scooter is switched off and the charger’s power cord is disconnected.


Use a dry and soft cloth to gently dust all exposed parts of your scooter. You can also use the cloth to remove any loose debris you may find on your way round.

Removing Grime

Your scooter may have picked up some sticky substances on your travels so in order to remove these, you should use a damp cloth with liquid detergent or glass cleaner. Scrub until your heart’s content, or at least until the grime is removed! 

You can also use disinfectant wipes to perform the job in addition to cleaning your scooter seat. Remember not to use any cleaning products that contain bleach and wipe down your scooter until it’s dry when you’re finished.

Cleaning Tyres

Your tyres are the main culprit for picking up uninvited guests on your travels, whether it’s hair, pebbles, dirt and even more grime. To remove hair and pebbles, it is best to use your fingers rather than any sharp tools that could potentially cause a puncture.

For dirt and grime, you should use water and a damp cloth to wash and scrub it off. Make sure you don’t use detergent or cleaner because this could make your tyres oily and greasy, making them unsafe to drive on. Water is all you need!

Scooter Cover

To keep your mobility scooter protected from dust build-up, a scooter cover is the answer. Just drape it over your scooter when you are not using it and voila!

Things You Need to Remember When Cleaning Your Mobility Scooter

Don’t Spray Liquids Directly Onto Your Scooter

When using liquid detergents and glass cleaner, spray it into your cloth rather than directly onto your scooter. This way you will avoid any getting into the electrical components, causing damage and even shortening the life span of your vehicle.

Don’t squeeze your damp cloth or wipes too much either, this could cause major spillage! Always make sure you completely dry your scooter after cleaning. 

Don’t Use Wax or Oil

You don’t need wax or oil to keep your scooter looking as shiny as can be. You only need a dry, soft cloth and regular buffing! Wax and oil can damage the paintwork on your scooter and could even cause a dangerous, slippery surface when you’re out in the rain.

Other Helpful Tips from Wild & Wacky Mobility

Not only will these tips leave your scooter looking fabulous for your next outing, but it will keep it in excellent working condition. More pointers for keeping your mobility scooter spick and span:

  • Check for debris after every trip
  • Dry your scooter as soon as you get home after a rainy day out to prevent rust or corrosion
  • Keep your battery dry at all times too

You should take a look at the Scooterpac Canopy we stock at Wild & Wacky – Keeping you warm and dry while you’re out and about, but also keeping your scooter that bit cleaner during the spring, April showers.

A cleaner mobility scooter means a healthier one! Contact us today if you have any questions or need any further advice.