Whether you want to make a statement or practicality is your priority, custom mobility scooters offer a number of personalised options to make your scooter your own.

Remember, you’re the one that’s running the show – your scooter’s capabilities should never determine what kind of lifestyle you’re able to have.

This is why we offer a range of services to help create the perfect custom mobility scooters, designed to suit your unique needs and make you smile.

Build a ride as individual as you and show the world how you roll!

Create a Custom Mobility Scooter

Custom Mobility Scooter Colour Schemes

To inject some personality or give your mobility scooter a complete makeover, a lick of paint can work wonders.

Choose from some of our favourite crazy colours and show the world who you are through unique designs. The Wild & Wacky team love a challenge so think outside the box by creating your own colour scheme. Have you got a design in mind? Share your ideas with us today!

From bold metallics like Glossy Bronze or Metallic Mink, to vibrant Cherry Red and Flame Orange, pick any colour from the rainbow and find the one that that has ‘you’ written all over it.

With our added Paint Protection, a superior protective coat will ensure your paintwork looks good as new for years to come.

Wacky Designs & Characterised Vinyl Wraps

Are you a character within yourself, dying to break out? Express yourself through some of our Wacky designs and vinyl wraps.

We’ve seen everything from Herbie the Love Bug to Norwich City FC colours, so go Wacky like Muttley from Wacky Races and choose a design that reflects your personality.

As such a core part of your life, a mobility scooter should truly mirror who you are.

Superfast Mobility Scooter Upgrades

Embrace your Wild side with our Superfast upgrade and reach speeds of up to 12mph! Don’t stick to the essential A to B journeys you have to make, have some fun and let loose off road in your scooter.

Whether it’s applied to a scooter you already own, or you fancy a new model from our range of mobility scooters, bring the va-va-voom to your vehicle.

By upgrading the motor and transaxle, reconfiguring the wiring, and reprogramming the electrics, we can enable users to select three speed modes: 4mph, 8mph and 12mph.

Rather than the standard two speed modes, applying this extra speed will give you the freedom to run like a rocket and tackle adventurous terrains.

Custom Mobility Scooters in the press

Recently, a custom Wild & Wacky mobility scooter has found it’s way into national news!

The model you’re looking at is the Cabin Car MK2 Plus. Perfect for those with reduced mobility, but still want to ride in something a little unique.

They’re easy to customise, too, so if you’ve got an idea for a new customisation, let us know! We can confidently say that the Cabin Car Mk2 Plus is the most luxurious mobility scooter on sale in the UK today, so you won’t be disappointed.

Wild & Wacky Mobility’s “Postman Pat” Custom Mobility Scooter, as seen in the national press!

Customer Features & Functionalities

The beauty of customisation means you can tailor your ride to your exact needs; no matter your requirements, Wild & Wacky Mobility will design a Mobility Scooter just right for you.

You want to travel in comfort as well as style, so if you need to adjust your scooter to suit your physical requirements, we have a number of custom mobility scooter options you can choose from.

Custom Mobility Scooter Features

From adding interior handles to tinting your windows, implementing a wireless handsfree system to upgrading your external charging cable, all you have to do is ask.

Our Wild & Wacky team are always looking for the new ideas for custom mobility scooters to suit every individual requirement and personality.

Let Wild & Wacky Mobility make the scooter of your dreams a reality with our custom mobility scooter services.

To make an enquiry, book a demonstration of any of our products, or discuss your customisation options, contact us using our contact form today!

We offer free nationwide delivery, as well as a full demonstration and tutorial by a mobility scooter expert upon arrival. Don’t forget to ask our experts about the Wild & Wacky 0% finance scheme, either!

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