Are you always running late? Or, are you just a bit of a speed demon? Well, don’t let your mobility hold you back! By choosing one of our Wild & Wacky fast mobility scooters, you can enjoy some seriously fast off-roading and have the power to be as adventurous and daring as you like.

Live your life on the edge and to the fullest with our range of fast mobility scooters and accessories. Whether you want a whole new vehicle or to add some va-va-voom to your existing one, look no further than Wild & Wacky Mobility.

Our Class 3 Fast Mobility Scooters

Why Should You Go Faster?

First of all, we believe that more speed means more fun! Why live life so seriously? Inject some excitement into your vehicle, make it run like a rocket and feel like no one can catch you. Of course, you can still get from A to B sensibly but when you want to visit the wild side from time to time, you can truly let loose with our Superfast Upgrade giving you speeds of up to 12mph.

Our fast mobility scooters are versatile and can fit whatever kind of mood you are in or journey you want to take. Not only can they offer speed, they provide extra torque to help you climb up steep hills. Feel safe and secure on your adventures knowing you won’t tip back and feel free knowing that you can go wherever you want.

How Do We Make Our Mobility Scooters Fast?

Our expert engineers in the Wild & Wacky Workshop are the ones responsible for crafting our fast mobility scooters, especially Dean our newest recruit! Simply put, the motor and transaxle are upgraded according to the wiring reconfigurations and electronic reprogramming.

By doing this, you will have the ability to choose from three different speed modes rather than the standard two. So, you can now pick 4mph for pavement, 8mph for road and an extra speed of 12mph for off-roading. It’s safe to say that our engineers know what they’re doing, and they know how to let us have some fun!

What Fast Mobility Scooter Should You Choose?

At Wild & Wacky, our Thunderbolt and X-Force mobility scooters have Superfast included as standard. However, if you like the look of our unique Cabin Car vehicle, you can get the Superfast Upgrade as an optional extra. Own a mobility scooter with extraordinary features that you won’t see anywhere else!

Another option is if you love the mobility scooter you already own, why not get the Superfast Upgrade added to it? Add some speed to all the comforting qualities you appreciate already and create your own bespoke mobility scooter that suits you to a tee.

Contact us today to find out more information about our Wild & Wacky Fast Mobility Scooters and enquire about our Superfast Scooter home demonstration today!

Please note: The UK government doesn’t currently allow scooters travelling above 8 mph on public highways. Superfast speeds are only for use off-road or on private land, unfortunately. Sorry for being boring; we’d go 100mph if we could! If you choose you to purchase the Superfast Upgrade Package you will be asked to sign a disclaimer on delivery to ensure you understand the legalities.