The Scooterpac Cabin Car Mk2 Plus is one of the most luxurious mobility scooters on sale in the UK today. With features that are usually only standard with modern cars, you can travel to your destination safe and sound, in unparalleled comfort. Park safely with our reversing camera inside the rear view mirror, and with parking sensors keeping the bodywork safe. This vehicle even goes so far as to keep you warm with on-board heaters, perfect for the chilly nights and for when the weather decides to turn.

Travel In Comfort and Style

The LED headlights, windscreen wipers, and windscreen washer jets work together to make sure you can see clearly in dark and dusty areas, and the digital dashboard will keep you updated and informed of the vitals such as speed, battery charge level and the distance you’ve travelled.

This exclusive vehicle is perfect for those who have had to give up their cars, but would still like the opportunity to travel in comfort and style. The high powered motor on both styles makes for smooth, confident acceleration, and the large wheel and tyre tread make leaving and joining the road a simple and smooth transition.