There are over 13 million disabled people in the UK, and approximately 6.5 million of them deal with impaired mobility. These numbers represent a diverse range of backgrounds, personalities and ages, so why do most mobility aids look as though they were made for the same person?

Your options can feel particularly sparse if you are a young adult who requires a mobility scooter. A number of conditions can cause a young person to need a mobility scooter, the majority of which are degenerative. These include multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and motor neurone disease. Losing the ability to move around independently can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to establish yourself as an individual.

Trying to find a scooter that accurately reflects you can be almost as infuriating. Most designs don’t take your social life into consideration, making it even more difficult to enjoy the things you did prior to losing your mobility, like trips to the pub or adventures in the outdoors. A mobility scooter might be a primarily functional device, made for safely getting you from A to B, but so is a car. Finding the right car to match our lifestyle and sense of originality is common practice, but why should it be any different as a young adult choosing a mobility scooter?

At Wild and Wacky, we’re always trying to create modern, dynamic mobility aids that reflect the individual in you. We wanted to build a mobility scooter for young adults that is exciting, stylish and an asset to your life, rather than a concession. The Magnus is a slick and powerful machine, more akin to a motorbike than a mobility scooter. With a top speed of 12 mph to impress your mates with, it’s extra fast and extra fun, giving you the freedom to enjoy your life as a young person with all the safety of the highest-quality traditional mobility aids.