Tandem MPV Scooter

Tandem MPV Scooter

The Tandem MPV from Scooterpac is the most versatile mobility scooter on the market. In tandem-guise the rear passenger can relax and enjoy the scenery as the world passes by at a swift 8mph. In another form this vehicle really allows for getting out and about, as the MPV really comes into its own with the optional rear seat replacements. Initially we have a large storage area, that can tip like a dumper truck, which is perfect for carrying tools and equipment to the end of the garden, carrying the weekly shop home, or even carrying smaller pets on long trips.

The Tandem mobility scooter is great for couples who wish to travel together, and this style of double mobility scooter has a range of 25 miles and allows for a silky smooth ride thanks to the advanced suspension and robust frame.

Safe, Confident Driving

You can travel assured that you are safe, as all of our Wild and Wacky Mobility scooters come fully equipped with lights, adjustable seats, and seatbelts. This Tandem scooter has all the space two people will need for a comfortable journey.

Note: The British Government does not make provisions for two-person mobility vehicles to be used on the roads, however they can be used on all privately owned land. The Tandem MPV should only be used on public highways when configured without the rear seat in place.

This versatile machine is unlike any other available at this time. Whether you are using the transport attachment for an extra ride, or our utility tray to carry the shopping home from the supermarket, it proves its value time and time again.



12 months