Welcome to Wild and Wacky’s range of industry-leading tandem mobility scooters. Our tandem scooter is designed to be as versatile as possible, tackling all kinds of situations and terrains, with features allowing it to turn from one kind of mobility scooter into another with a few easy-to-do adjustments.

In tandem mode the rear passenger is allowed to relax and enjoy the view on a silky smooth ride thanks to the advanced suspension and robust frame.

However, this vehicle comes into its own with its optional rear-seat replacements. There’s an option to have a large storage area that can tip like a dumper truck, perfect for carrying tools and equipment to the end of the garden, carrying the weekly shop or even transporting animals!

Our double mobility scooters come with free delivery, and a full 12 months warranty. Travel with a partner, or carry home your shopping with ease and style in one of our Tandem mobility scooters, with a range of 25 miles.

  1. Off Road

    Off Road

    • Rugged Tyres 
    • Soft Ride
    • Comfy Chair