Browsing through our SuperFast mobility scooters and accessories and find a fast, safe, yet easy to use mobility vehicle, or an accessory that will bring your current ride to life. Whether it’s to keep dry while travelling from A to B, or to get there quickly and in style, Wild & Wacky Mobility are here to make mobility vehicles interesting, and always a pleasure to use.

If it is a fast mobility scooter you are after, Wild and Wacky Mobility stock scooters and accessories that are way above those offered by standard retailers. Choose from vehicles such as the Black Viper, with upgraded speed, allowing you to travel at a massive 16mph, all from an electric engine. This product is custom made to your requirements, and there’s nothing else out there quite like it.

Travel In Style

Our range of mobility scooters take the device to the next level. With the Black Viper, we take the vehicle into our workshop to be customised. We start with the bodywork, taking the chrome handlebars and replacing them with black versions, to create a bad-to-the-bone, easy-rider style scooter.

Next comes the wheels, where we replace the stock silver wheels with our custom black, to really bring the design to life.

Finally we address the power: by entirely replacing the motor and drive gear we upgrade the Viper to a massive 16mph, with enough torque to beat some petrol scooters off the line.

A Foldable Canopy Like No Other

Our Scooterpac Canopy can ensure you are fully covered and stay warm during bad weather. It’s an extra safe piece of kit, but also fast to set up. Our revolutionary design fits almost any scooter, and folds away when not in use, allowing more freedom than other canopies.

  1. Speed


    • Extra Fast
    • Custom Made
    • Extra Fun

    Regular Price: £5,995.00

    Special Price £4,995.00

  2. Fully Covered

    Fully Covered

    • Fully covered
    • Really Warm!
    • Extra Safe