Limited Edition Cabin Car Mk2

Regular Price: £8,870.00

Special Price £7,995.00

Limited Edition Cabin Car Mk2

The outrageous limited edition green Cabin Car from Scooterpac brings a whole new level of exclusivity to an already incredible mobility scooter.

Featuring a green paint that is hand-applied in several layers before being lacquered to a high gloss, and contrasting white decals, this mobility scooter looks like nothing else on sale today. Only 25 of these incredible cars will be made world wide, so you can be sure that you're driving something utterly unique.

The inside features all of the high tech gadgets that make the Cabin Car Mk2 an award winning scooter - the reversing camera, parking sensors and USB charging ports are just the start. The high powered motor gives smooth, confident acceleration, and the large wheels take you smoothly from pavement to road and back again.



12 months