Whilst these diseases affect every person in a slightly different way, the ability to walk is often affected, particularly in the early stages. Very few people realise how many young people are affected by these diseases.

However, we can provide the solution to the problem of independence and freedom. It was for these young people that we designed the Black Viper.

With a cool streamline shape, the Black Viper is superfast, and is nothing like the ‘Granny Scooter’ that most people associate with mobility products. The Black Viper is dynamic and eye-catching, with the overall impression being more like a motorbike than a mobility scooter. The easy to use controls and the sturdy body work makes this an excellent option for those whose lives centre around the outdoors.

The Black Viper goes up to 16 miles per hour, and when navigating bumpy terrain or mud, you can leave your friends struggling on their bikes far behind. The Black Viper has chrome plated handlebars, blacked out bodywork, and a super comfortable seat. The light on the front is an added feature of safety, making this safe on the road as well as out and about in the city centre at night. Who says that your freedom should be curtailed? The Black Viper ensures joining your mates on those mad outings you all enjoy so much will be a breeze. With your black mean machine, you can be certain that your freedom will never be compromised.

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