According to the NHS, ten million people currently suffer from arthritis in Britain.1 During the cold autumn and winter seasons, the pain of joint inflammation is, unfortunately, only made worse by the chill. Does your arthritis play up when it gets cold? Do know that awful, frustrating feeling when you know that you might not be able to get out as much in winter? Cue our most luxury mobility product, the Cabin Car. Being completely enclosed scooter, the biting wind in winter is kept at bay. But not only that, its heater means that you can keep completely warm inside the Cabin Car when you need to go into town.

As one user, Mrs Della Richardson, told us:

“During the winter, my habit was to hibernate, but this was due more to necessity and circumstance than by personal choice. Winter always affected my relationships with my close friends and family, and by the time spring came I would be starving for human company. My arthritis got so bad when using my Kymco Maxi in the cold and damp that I would be confined to my house. The Cabin Car has liberated me, and I felt as though the shackles on my feet fell off! My arthritis improved due to the heating system, and I was kept beautifully warm all winter long. I didn’t even get a cold! Even when my arthritis did play up, the easy to use controls meant that I could still be in complete control of the Cabin Car and safe to be out and about.”

The captain’s seat is very comfortable, ensuring a good posture at all times, and the rear reversing camera means that you never need to crane your head round to try and determine whether or not an area is safe for you to park. This enhances your safety, the safety of everyone else, and is an added luxury that you deserve to have in your life from your mobility scooter.