We all know just how helpful a mobility scooter can be for those of us with reduced or impaired mobility. Scooters help to ensure the smooth running of everyday life, but as the saying goes, it will only look after you if you do that same in return. With the cold winter months upon us, it’s even more important to take adequate care of your mobility scooter.

Keep it clean

Keeping your scooter clean in the winter months is central to keeping it in good condition. With all the salt that gets added to the paths and roads in the winter, it’s important to maintain the regular cleaning of your scooter. Salt build-up on your scooter can lead to premature rusting and deterioration of the paintwork. Just make sure to wash your scooter down after outings to keep it pristine.

Keep it sheltered

The winter months bringing with them wet weather and sub-zero temperatures. These elements all play a part in the decline in your mobility scooter’s condition. Therefore, it’s really important to store your scooter correctly. If possible, your mobility scooter is best kept in a dry sheltered area, such as your home, garage or shed.

Keep it charged

The battery life of your scooter is a major component in its functional use. All Wild & Wacky scooters leave with brand new batteries, but they still need to be cared for to achieve their optimum life-span. Be sure to charge your battery after every journey, even if it’s just a trip down to your local shop. In the cold winter months, batteries are notorious for draining faster. By recharging your battery regularly, you’ll ensure that you aren’t caught out in the cold.

Keep it serviced

Just like a car, your mobility scooter is a machine that needs proper maintenance. With this in mind, take extra care in the winter months to regularly check over your scooter. Your scooter’s tyres need particular attention. In snow and ice, you may not always see what your riding over on your mobility scooter, and so it’s important to be extra aware of visual tyre wear and tear. In addition, pneumatic tyres need to have their pressure checked regularly. If they are not inflated to the correct level, accidents are more likely to occur.

The main thing when riding in the winter months is to be safe, while enjoying the use of your scooter. With all of this said, follow these guidelines, wrap up warm and make the most out of your mobility scooter this winter.