Wild & Wacky – The Home of Cool Mobility!

At Wild & Wacky, we’re famous for our customisable Cabin Car, but we stock a range of cool mobility scooters much bigger than just this. If you want to look trendy when getting from A to B, you’ve come to the right place!

Characterise Your Scooter with Wacky Graphics & Design

What’s cooler than driving around in a vehicle that expresses the character you are? We have the ability to create custom graphics and designs to wrap your scooter with.

To get your inspiration flowing, look at these wacky customisations we’ve introduced onto the roads:

If you have a favourite football club or you want to imitate a fictional race car, maybe chitty chitty bang bang takes your fancy, come straight to us!

Our Cabin Car Mk2 Plus can be transformed into anything you want it to be, so don’t hold back on your ideas – the Wild & Wacky team love a challenge.

Super Speedy & Super Cool with Superfast Upgrades

Increase your speed alongside your cool rating with our superfast upgrades. Why stick to the normal two speed modes when you can elevate to three?

Be bold and have a bit of fun by making your existing scooter go faster, or treat yourself to a new, ultra-cool Drifter mobility scooter.

Eagerly all-terrain, you can really embrace your wild side. With its chunky, pneumatic tyres you can have a smooth off-road experience and gain some speed in any environment.

Plus, with a digital control deck you can keep tabs on your speed and drive into the future looking suave.

All the Features to Make You Stand Out

Within our wide collection of cool mobility scooters, we also have an endless catalogue of high-tech additional features.

If you have any specific requirements, to make sure you ride in both comfort and style, just ask our Wild & Wacky team and we can tailor your scooter to your exact needs. Keep it looking fresh whilst also staying safe with features like window tinting, interior lighting and handles. Some of our mobility scooters that already have pretty impressive features are:

A scooter that is also a chair that is also a suitcase, an innovation in itself! It’s nippy, it’s ingeniously shaped, and it is definitely cool.

Get a mobility scooters where both you and your partner go on adventures together in style with the Tandem Mobility Scooter. Completely versatile and completely unique, it really is a scooter you’ve never seen before!

Wild & Wacky Cool Mobility Scooter Range

If you want to try out our range of cool mobility scooter, contact us today to book your superfast scooter home demonstration.