Wild & Wacky Cabin Car Mk2 Vs. Mk2 Plus – What Are the Differences?
Wild & Wacky Cabin Car Mk2 Vs. Mk2 Plus – What Are the Differences?

Wild & Wacky Cabin Car Mk2 Vs. Mk2 Plus – What Are the Differences?

After two years in the making, the Wild & Wacky Cabin Car Mk2 Plus is finally here! If you loved our Cabin Car Mk2, you’re definitely going to love this. Our hardworking engineering team have been determined to enhance the lives of the less mobile and create something innovative and exciting.

Our Cabin Car Mk2 is famous for being the mobility scooter that looks like a car and now the Mk2 Plus is even more luxurious and distinctive. We know we’re biased, so here are some of the differences between the models so you can see for yourself!

Cabin Car Mk2 Vs. Mk2 Plus

Perfecting the Production Process

We’re not criticising the quality of the production process before, but we can tell you now that it’s top notch! We really do have the best team behind us at Wild & Wacky Mobility and dedication is truly an understatement when it comes to their work ethic.

Have you always dreamed of driving around in a particular coloured vehicle? Our ‘Smartshop’ features a spray booth facility which is where your dreams can become a reality. We can also make your dreams last with an added optional extra for the Mk2 Plus which is paint protection; keep your Cabin Car gleaming like it’s brand-new every day.

Brand New Suave Safety Features

With the Mk2 Plus, you now have the ability to safely navigate in darker areas and as the winter nights start to draw in with the new Follow-Me-Home Lights. The lights stay on after departing the vehicle but can also be used to locate the Cabin Car from a long distance; the Interior Lighting also provides an ultra-bright light at the touch of the button, so you’ll never lose your vehicle.

To keep your ride looking fresh, we have also added another standard feature: Door Kick Plates. They provide total protection from marks and scuffs that may occur getting in and out of your Cabin Car, so you can always make sure your vehicle is looking tip top.

Standard Features Cabin Car Mk2 Cabin Car Mk2 Plus
9” Alloy Wheels
Body Coloured Mirrors
Bright Rear LED Lights
Digital Dashboard
Door Kick Plates
Dual-Speed Windscreen Wipers
Durable Floor Mats
Easy Access Doors
Electronic Braking System
External Charge Port
External Charging Cable (0.7m)
Finger & Thumb Controls
Follow-Me-Home Lights  
Four-Way Adjustable Driving Position
Interior Heater
Interior Light  
Large Cup Holder
Luxury Captain Seat & Headrest
Powerful LED Headlights
Rear Parking Sensors
Remote Central Locking
Reversing Camera
Smooth Acceleration System
Super 1400-Watt Motor
Trip Computer
Twin USB Charging Ports
Ultra-Soft Suspension
Windscreen Washer

Endless Optional Features Tailored to You

From just 7 Optional Features with the Cabin Car Mk2, we have upgraded to offer all of 20 Optional Features with the Cabin Car Mk2 Plus – That’s a whole lot of options! From heated seats to puddle lights, 9” black alloys to a wireless handsfree system, the possibilities are endless. Completely tailor the Mk2 Plus to you and your needs and treat yourself to our new wide collection of extra features.

Optional Extras Cabin Car Mk2 Cabin Car Mk2 Plus
Alarm System
Bull Bars (Front)  
Bumpers (Front & Rear)
Cool Air System
Dual 100Ah Batteries
External Charging Cable (5m)  
Electrically Adjusting Mirrors
Flashing Beacon  
Heated Seat  
Interior Handles  
Lithium Ion Batteries  
Lockable Rear Box
Paint Protection  
Puddle Lights  
Sports Seating
Trailer & Tow Hitch Package  
Wheels – 9” Black Alloys  
Walking Stick Holder  
Window Tint Package  
Wireless Handsfree System  

The New Cabin Car Mk2 Plus

Customise it and make it completely your own! Cruise with sophistication, comfort and safety all rolled into one vehicle. We are proud of the Cabin Car Mk2 Plus and what we have to offer, and we hope you will be amazed by our unique creation too. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a demonstration to try the new Cabin Car out!

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