For those who suffer with reduced or impaired mobility or have a disability, aids such as a mobility scooter allow them to remain comfortably independent and lead a normal life in spite of their condition. However, many new mobility scooter users may not even consider whether their vehicle is allowed on the road before they head outside.

Mobility scooters usually fall into one of two categories. Class 2 vehicles are generally smaller and less powerful, designed for indoor and limited outdoor use. These scooters are not allowed to be used on the road unless there is no pavement, or of course if you need to cross the street, and are restricted to 4mph. Class 3 scooters, on the other hand, have a longer distance range, are more powerful and are not designed for indoor use. They are restricted to 4mph on the pavement, but can go up to 8mph on the road.

If you have a Class 3 scooter, you must register it with the DVLA by completing a V55/4 form for a new scooter or a V55/5 form for a used one. As they are allowed on the road, they cannot be driven by someone under 14 years of age, and you must always use your lights, indicators and horns according to the Highway Code. A Class 3 scooter cannot be driven on the motorway, and should only be driven on a dual carriageway with a visible flashing amber light.

It’s important to choose the right vehicle for you. When operating a Class 3 vehicle, you need to be able to do all the manoeuvres you’ll be using adequately, such as reversing, negotiating curbs and turning safely, so you must be comfortable.

Although more akin to a miniature car than a mobility scooter, the Scooterpac Cabin Car from Wild & Wacky Mobility falls under Class 3 regulations for mobility products. With a maximum speed of 8mph, it can get you 35 miles from a single charge, and get you there in style with its in-car heater, windscreen wipers and remote central locking. Unfortunately, the Tandem MPV is left out of the fun, as the British Government does not yet make provisions for two-person mobility scooters, but it can be used on public highways without the rear seat in place.

The Black Viper from our SuperFast range, meanwhile, is upgraded in our workshop to a massive 16mph, with enough torque to beat some petrol scooters off the line. It’s more like a motorcycle than a mobility scooter and is perfect for younger mobility scooter users or those frustrated with the lack of charactful scooters out there in the market today.