April 5, 2019

5 Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips We Follow in Our Workshop

The general rule of thumb is the better you maintain your scooter, the better it will perform over time – It’s as simple as it sounds! We follow a number of maintenance tips in our workshop to make sure that every scooter we create is in tip-top condition. You can also use these guidelines to make sure your scooter is nurtured and looked after, so you can enjoy your mobility scooter for longer.


When you first bring your mobility scooter home it is important to follow these guidelines when it comes to your battery care:

Your battery is your source of power so it needs to be cared for.

In our workshop, we provide battery testing maintenance to ensure that every battery in our scooters are powered up and raring to go!


Keeping your mobility scooter spick and span not only keeps you looking sharp when you’re travelling, but also ensures that your scooter will run smoothly. Always remember to:

Every scooter that comes into our workshop, leaves shiny and gleaming so you can enjoy a fresh, clean ride as well as a healthy one.


Your mobility scooter needs a good home and shelter is vital to keep it safe and well maintained. Whenever you are not using your mobility scooter, you should store it in a dry, clean and secure area. As well as this, storage covers come in handy as they keep the dust and rain off them, therefore preventing corrosion; they also protect your scooter from low temperatures, keeping it nice and cosy.


There are four different types of tyres that your mobility scooter may have and each have different maintenance requirements that need to be met for each:

By inspecting these regularly, you can ensure that your set of wheels will get you around safely. With every tyre that we install on our scooters, we make sure it is of the best quality and in the best condition for every kind of journey and adventure. If you are unsure what types of tyres your scooter has, don’t hesitate to give us a call, we will be more than happy to help!


Underneath the body shell holds all the magic; all of the moving parts and mechanics, like the brakes and electric motor, are located here. These should not be forgotten about when it comes to maintenance, however, do not try and look at these yourself. A qualified engineer should run these checks during your scooter’s regular and annual service to make sure that everything is operating smoothly.

In our Wild & Wacky workshop, we undertake comprehensive servicing to make sure that you stay moving and mobile! Get in touch with us today to arrange a service appointment and we can guarantee that your beloved mobility scooter is in the safest hands with our Wild & Wacky expert technicians.

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